GLOBALE: Seismographic Sounds
A woman lightning her cigarette
Visions of a New World
Fri, October 02, 2015 – Sun, November 29, 2015
Musicians and Sound Artists all over the world make themselves heard through Soundcloud, YouTube and Twitter. Their tracks, video clips and audio collages challenge known forms and ideals and propose Visions of a New World. They offer surprising, smart and provocative perspectives that are simultaneously reduced, salient and profound.

Norient highlights these contemporary artistic positions and argues about their potential and limits with journalists, bloggers, artists and scholars from different places and cultures of knowledge. The exhibition further introduces people behind the scenes in experimental audio podcasts. The exhibition counters pessimistic views that globalisation and digitalisation has led to cultural uniformity and the destruction of the world’s musical heritage. 
Organization / Institution
Norient -- Network for Local and Globals Sounds and Media Culture