Experiencing opportunities of spatial sound projection using the icosahedral loudspeaker
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inSonic 2015
Thu, November 26, 2015 3 pm – 5 pm CET, Workshop
This workshop introduces participants to the basic aural experiences of the icosahedral loudspeaker (ICO). Additionally, composers will be given the opportunity to spatialize sounds by playing with its control interface.
In contrast to common surrounding loudspeaker systems, this loudspeaker array allows individual control of the strengths of the direct sound and the wall reflections. In this way, the ICO is a tool to orchestrate wall reflections as compositional element of electroacoustic music.

Audio playback is controlled via Reaper using ambiX plugins (free available). We encourage participants to bring their own sounds (max. 30s) whose spatial projection can be experienced together. Sounds can either be .wav files or ready-to-use Ambisonic projects created using Reaper and the ambiX plugins.

The workshop will be repeated twice to provide a maximum of individual experience to its participants.


  • Participants explore control interface of the icosahedral loudspeaker

Technical requirements

  • Participants having MADI, or who are able to use our USB RME-MADIface can send audio to the audio renderer

Accompanying program