Working with the blue-environment for higher order Ambisonic spatialisation and spatial granular synthesis in Csound
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Wed, November 25, 2015 2 pm – 4 pm CET, Workshop
The workshop gives an overview and basic knowledge about the concept and basic layout of the blue environment for spatialisation of sound and composition conceived by Jan Jacob Hofmann. With it, it is possible to assign a position in space to every sound generated using 3rd order ambisonic.

The workshop will comprise the steps of sound generation and effect paths, spatialisation and score generation (composition) using Csound, blue and Cmask. Thus it is possible not only to spatialize and move an unlimited number of sounds in space but also to generate spatial granular clouds and to do compositions of spatial electroacoustic music in a somewhat intuitive way.


  • Follow workshop with personal computer and try their first experiments on spatialisation with the environment
  • Encouraged: To bring an own computer with blue, Csound and Cmask installed is encouraged
  • Possible: Follow the workshop without any computer with benefit.

Technical requirements

  • Participants: Own computer with blue, Csound and Cmask installed

Accompanying program