Between success and persecution
Poster »Between Success and Persecution« 
Jewish stars in German sport till 1933 and beyond
01.09.2017 – 07.10.2017

After stopping at Hans-Sachs-Platz in Nuremberg in August 2017, the »Between success and persecution – Jewish stars in German sport till 1933 and afterwards« exhibition is being shown on the ZKM_Forecourt – the square of human rights. The traveling exhibition recognizes the great contribution of Jewish athletes to the development of modern sport in Germany using large-scale sculptural presentations.

They were among the celebrated ideals of their time as national players, World or European Champions, as Olympic medal or record holders. Just because they were Jews, they were ostracized in the NS state, disenfranchised, forced to flee or murdered.

The following biographies are presented: the football pioneer Walther Bensemann, the ten times German athletes champion Lilli Henoch, the national football player Julius Hirsch, the Israeli, later German national basketball trainer Ralph Klein, the Olympic fencing champion Helene Mayer, the chess world champion Emanuel Lasker, the champion boxer Erich Seelig, the German tennis champion Nelly Neppach, the German javelin champion Martha Jacob, the athlete Gretel Bergmann, the Olympic gymnastics champions Alfred and Gustav Felix Flatow, the European champions in weightlifting and in wrestling Julius and Hermann Baruch, the ice hockey player Rudi Ball and the German national football player Gottfried Fuchs. However, with the swimmer°Sarah Poewe the exhibition also offers perspective and produces an important link to the present. Poewe was the first Jewish athlete to win an Olympic Bronze medal for Germany after the end of the Second World War in Athens in 2004.

The exhibition is open all day, admission is free. 

Exhibitions team

Eine Ausstellung des Zentrums für deutsche Sportgeschichte e.V. und der Universitäten Potsdam und Hannover in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Karlsruhe.