Ferenc and Magnus Mehl Quartet (D): DANCE/JAZZ FUSION Vol. 2
The picture shows two dancers.
TANZ KARLSRUHE 2018 as guest at ZKM
Sun, November 18, 2018 8 pm CET, Dance Theater

In this project, the award-winning »Ferenc and Magnus Mehl Quartet« (FUMMQ) is collaborating with four sensational young dancers from Stuttgart Ballet and Zurich Ballet. For the choreographed parts of the evening the renowned exceptional choreographer Marco Goecke could be won.

Marco Goecke: »There has been an interest in jazz in my work for a very long time! I love listening to jazz live and dancing or choreographing to it. This is something completely different from working with classical or modern music and an orchestra. I wish to learn and feel more about jazz through this collaboration«.

Magnus Mehl: »This very special project with Marco Goecke, in which we directly interact with dancers on stage, is incredibly exciting for us. This visual component, which arises in direct relation to our compositions and improvisations and thus depicts them in a unique way, creates an enormous power and fascination.«

Magnus Mehl's idea of combining dance and jazz to give the two art forms interesting new impulses immediately inspired the actors involved. Together they developed a special, cross-border programme that includes free elements as well as choreographed or arranged passages and improvisations by the participating artists. Especially the element of improvisation, which is omnipresent in jazz and allows a high degree of interaction, promises a very special attraction in this collaboration.

Duration: approx. 90 min.


Project team
Choreography: Marco Goecke
Dance: Irmina Kopaczynska, Jesse Fraser, Robert Robinson, Tars Vandebeek
Composition and Arrangement: Magnus Mehl, »FUMMQ«
Idea and concept: Magnus Mehl
Music: »Ferenc and Magnus flour quartet« – Martin Schulte: git, Fedor Ruskuc: b, Magnus flour: sax, Ferenc flour: drums
Costumes: Michaela Springer

Organization / Institution
Kulturverein Tempel Karlsruhe e.V.

In cooperation with Jazzclub Karlsruhe