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Paul Long & Jerome Turner: Smart audiences? Understanding segmentation on- and offline

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 3:30 pm 

This lecture considers the challenges for audience development emerging from the Creative Europe-funded »smARTplaces« project. What does segmentation and targeting mean in the context of such a rich network that engages audiences locally and internationally - in person and online? Generalized typologies – however finessed – are balanced by the rich data generated by digital engagements that allow us to increasingly understand the individual whose status amongst a wider audience needs some conceptual reflection.

Echoing the challenges of the European Union’s cultural policies and address, »smARTplaces« call to its potential audience is inflected on one hand by the identity of individuals within the bounds of nation state, local conditions and concerns as well as prompts to engage with culture. On the other hand, there is the push and pull of European culture and identity. Furthermore, the online presence of »smARTplaces« gives it the global reach of digital projects raising questions about the potential audience beyond EU borders.

Locating smARTplaces in the context of EU-funded and other projects of this nature poses questions for this presentation about our perception of audience engagement, durability and indeed authenticity. How do digital mediations offer ways of understanding who hears the call to participate in culture, the extent to which they follow up this call with attendance as well as the degree to which they are able to enter into a relationship with cultural institutions?


Paul Long 

Paul Long is Professor of Media and Cultural History at Birmingham City University. He has written widely on issues of cultural justice, encompassing music history, class and engagement. Currently, he is co-editing a collection concerned with cultural intermediation and »hard-to-reach« audiences in Birmingham and Salford, UK. His work includes several projects concerned with public engagement with culture through digital means including the Nesta-funded »Culture Cloud« and »Pollen«.

Portrait of Paul Long
Portrait of Paul Long

Jerome Turner

Jerome Turner is a researcher at Birmingham City University’s Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. He has research interests in online media and web cultures, currently finishing his PhD qualitatively exploring Facebook local community media audiences.
He also has specific research experience through his work in the Centre’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lab. Along with Paul Long, Jerome is involved in research and evaluation of the smARTplaces project.

Portrait of Jerome Turner
Portrait of Jerome Turner
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