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Alain Bieber: The museum as a digital ideas factory

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 1 pm

The NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is an international exhibition venue for photography, pop and digital culture – a lively ideas factory for the whole family. In group and individual exhibitions, festivals, lectures, workshops, film screenings and other new formats, we deal with current, social themes and translate them into energetic, dialogical formats. The interdisciplinary program stands out due to the highest artistic quality, and cultural relevance – and is still accessible and entertaining. We initiate target group specific offers for the whole family, and all social strata. We place particular importance on conveying knowledge, cultural education and active participation - especially in the areas of media competence and technical understanding. We are about an obvious, but still critical handling of the latest cultural technology, especially in relation to the internet. In the Academy of the avant-garde, all exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive teaching program for adults and students, which enables intensive discussion of the artistic content and current themes. In doing so, we focus on cooperations and participation, and network the creative, artist and visitor. The NRW forum Germany is an agora of contemporary culture, a social location, a space for experiments and dialogue - in real and virtual space.

In the lecture, Alain Bieber, the Artistic Director, reports on the first virtual reality exhibition, programming courses as a teaching program and audience development with artificial intelligence. 


Alain Bieber

Alain Bieber has been the Director of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf since April 2015. Since 2004, Bieber has curated individual and group exhibitions all over Europe, on topics such as street art, post internet art, net and media art, political art, gaming and photography. In addition, he has founded numerous cultural projects: Including the web log »rebel:art« in 2004, the International Stickeraward in 2005, the video magazine »OH!« in 2007, the magazine club and virtual kiosk »Gute Seiten« in 2009, and the exhibition project »Parasites – illegal exhibitions, art exhibitions in unauthorized locations« in 2010.

Bieber studied rhetoric, literary sciences, sociology, and communications and political sciences from 1999 to 2005, in Tübingen and Paris. Until his appointment, Bieber worked in the cultural department of the European broadcaster ARTE in Straßburg, and managed the creative laboratory ARTE Creative there. Before that, he was the editor of the art magazine ART in Hamburg, and taught as a lecturer at several universities in Germany and France. 

Portrait of Alain Bieber with a cat
Portrait of Alain Bieber with a cat
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