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Björn Bohnenkamp: Segmentation approaches today

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 3:30 pm

Digitalization does not only shape art itself, it also shapes audiences; it shapes the way they communicate, it even shapes their lifestyles. For marketing managers in cultural institutions this is a major challenge for formulating their strategy, especially for segmenting audiences. Segmentation generally means to address different potential audiences via different channels and with different messages as they appreciate different kinds of value in arts.

The presentation will discuss if traditional segmentation approaches can be adapted to digitalization and how cultural institutions can collect and analyze data to get new insights about relevant segments. A recent study about clustering ZKM audiences will serve as an example.

As an outlook the presentation will discuss how relationship management has to change due to new digital channels: How shall we approach our Facebook fans, Twitter or Instagram followers – how can we convert them to loyal audiences? 


Björn Bohnenkamp

Björn Bohnenkamp has been a Professor of Marketing, Media and Consumer Culture at the Karlshochschule International University since 2014. He was awarded a PhD in theater, film and televisions studies at the University of Cologne in 2010, followed by one in business administration in 2016 at the University of Münster. As well as his teaching and research activities at the Universities of Göttingen, Princeton, Weimar and Münster, he has worked as an advisor for media companies and cultural organizations for many years. One of his main research focuses is the transfer between culture and management: he is interested in the relevance of cultural forms in management and marketing as well as the potential of, in particular, quantitative methods for the cultural sector.

Portrait of Björn Bohnenkamp
Portrait of Björn Bohnenkamp
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