Two men crouching and laughing in China
An artistic evening + party
Fri, October 27, 2023 8 pm CEST, Performance
Languages: German, English

Admission from 7:30 pm

»We are all fellow travellers.«
Alistair Hudson, 2023

With Alistair Hudson as our new Scientific-Artistic Chairman, we continue our journey at ZKM. Following the founding idea of ZKM as an »electronic or digital Bauhaus«, the new program is located as part of a larger whole in a world of many geographies and cultures.

We cordially invite you and your friends to an artistic evening with party in the foyer of ZKM | Karlsruhe.


Artists of the evening:

Farzane Vaziritabar, Iran/Germany // Torsten Blume and Linda Pense (Play Bauhaus), Leipzig
robotlab, Karlsruhe

[via video]
Tania Bruguera, Cuba
Johan Grimonprez, Belgium
Zheng Guogu, China
Sung Hwan Kim, South Korea/Hawaii

Electronic Music and Live Coding:

Comté, Germany // Yasha Jain, Germany // Paul Henri, Germany // Nervousdata, Germany

Unfortunately, the number of seats is limited. Admission is free. Registration is not required. The event will be held in German and English. The mint Café will be open in the evening.