All Games of the Exhibition

Dejobaan Games

With a courageous jump into the depths, the players must perform tricks in free fall and fall as close to facades as possible to collect points.

Frank de Oudsten and Friedemann Schindler

Six hardware and software milestones in video game history are hidden behind the metallic housings.


The Atari slot machine is one of the first and most successful video slot machines and impresses with its unique look.

VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt a.d. Oder

The first and only video game console of the GDR.

Adam Saltsman

A small, infinitely long mobile game created within five days.

Peter Brinson, Kurosh ValeNejad

From the perspective of a cat one can experience the fall of the Iranian democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadeghs playfully.

Jerry Belich

A small wooden box and a big storyteller are hidden behind this kickstarter project to assemble yourself.


A milestone in video game history. The first jump'n'run and the first performance of Super Mario.

Mario von Rickenbach

"Drei" is both a puzzle game and a communication experiment for tablets and smartphones.

Anna Anthropy

This autobiographical work of art thematizes the hormone treatment of the designer Anna Anthropy in a playful way.


In "EdgeBomber" by Susigames, the players help shape the game world. Adhesive tape on a wall creates the playing surface of a classic jump'n'run video game.


"EdgeBomber Arcade" by Susigames is a jump'n' run, the levels of which were created by the users themselves.


In Vectorpark's point-and-click game "Feed the Head", players are asked to feed their heads. New and unexpected things keep happening.


In the meditative computer game "Flower" by Thatgamecompany, the players steer wind and petals across lush meadows from an ego perspective.


Thatgamecompany 2012 The players hike and fly through an aesthetic desert landscape to a mountain and explore the history of the world.

Playdead Studios

Playdead Software 2010 An aesthetically unique and dark jump'n'run with many puzzles and deadly traps.

Feng Mengbo

Feng Mengbo 2008 Many references to the 16bit era, capitalism and Mao's communist movement are united in the 16 meter long installation.

Patrick Smith of Vectorpark

In Patrick Smith's interactive game "Metamorphabet" all 26 letters of the alphabet can be discovered. Due to its beautiful design it is also interesting for adults

Markus Notch Persson

In the game "Minecraft", originally developed by Markus "Notch" Persson, the players can collect resources in the form of blocks and thus create a 3-D world.

Ustwo Games

In "Monument Valley" by Ustwogames, the players steer Princess Ida through a surreal world of fantastic architecture and impossible geometry.

Mark Essen

Mark Essen's jump'n'run game "Nidhogg" has already won several indie game awards. In a world of pixel graphics, good concentration and fast reaction are required.

Jason Rohrer

"Passage" by Jason Rohrer can be described as a digital, interactive memento mori that can reveal existential questions to the players - in exactly five minutes.

Lea Schönfelder, Peter Lu

"Perfect Woman" by Lea Schönfelder and Peter Lu is a feminist computer game: the players literally have to fit as perfectly as possible into the respective image of women.

Paolo Pedercini

The caricature-like game "Phone Story" by Paolo Pedercini clearly shows the social and ecological consequences of the production of smartphones.

VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt

Around 2,000 of the only video game machine in the GDR were sold; only around 20 are still in existence today. The machine features games such as "Rabbit and Wolf" or "Deer Hunt".


In "Portal" by Valve, players move through the environment with the help of portals, overcome obstacles and solve tasks.

House House

A strange ball game between sumo and wrestling. Friendships and hand-eye coordination are put to the test here.


With "Portal 2" Valve ties in with her predecessor "Portal" and sends the protagonist Chell through the portal universe again.

Mario von Rickenbach

Up to five players are required in the game "Rakete" by Mario von Rickenbach to land the rocket safely. Their five nozzles must be coordinated together.

Lieven van Velthoven

Lieven van Velthoven's racing game "Room Racers" connects the virtual world to the real world with the help of an interactive game interface.

Terry Cavanagh

The game "Super Hexagon" by Terry Cavanagh requires a lot of skill from the players. A small triangle must avoid walls that move. This is a hexagon.

Bill Viola

The experimental video game "The Night Journey" by the artist Bill Viola in collaboration with the "Game Innovation Lab" makes use of the entire spectrum of video aesthetics. The game has been in progress since 2007.

Galactic Cafe

"The Stanley Parable" by Galactic Cafe breaks with conventional computer game narrative. The game develops a consciousness and a life of its own.

Institut für Angewandte und Numerische Mathematik (IANM), KIT und Liegenschaftsamt, Stadt Karlsruhe

The virtual flight through Karlsruhe allows viewers to explore the fan-shaped city from a bird's eye view. The flight is controlled by arm movements.

Workshop ZKM

The game "WTF - Wilfriede till Freedom" was created during a workshop at the ZKM. Seven youngsters developed the game in which a bullet competes against aliens.