Current Exhibitions

Large room-filling installation made of fabric in the ZKM exhibition "BioMedien".

The exhibition program of ZKM is multifaceted and takes place both in the atria of the Hallenbau and in the
digital space, as well as internationally.

Exhibitions // ZKM Atria in the Hallenbau in Karlsruhe

Art and science are seismographs of change. Under the theme of »Biophilia«, ZKM is showing »BioMedia. The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior« (December 4, 2021 – August 28, 2022) »The Beauty of Early Life« (March 26, 2022 – July 10, 2022) and »Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau. The Artwork as a Living System« (May 7,2022 – July 31,2022), three major exhibitions on the grand perspectives of our endangered present.

Furthermore, we present exhibitions in the atria that focus on an artistic work, a scientific or social topic, or show works from our collection. With »zkm_gameplay. the next level«, ZKM also has a computer game platform that is continuously updated and invites creative exchange and playing in the house.

Sat, 26.03.2022 – Sun, 10.07.2022

The Beauty of Early Life. Traces of Early Life

How did life first get started? Where can we still find traces of the earliest life forms today? Why is it important to look at the past in order to develop an understanding of why biodiversity is so relevant in today's world?

Explore these questions with us in the exhibition !


Sat, 18.12.2021 – Sun, 28.08.2022


The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior

The age of BioMedia is here! These »media with life-like behavior« move independently, react to their environment, learn and adapt. What will the coexistence of humans and these artificial agents look like? And who or what defines what is alive and what is intelligent today?

Explore these questions with us in the new exhibition!


Sat, 07.05.2022 – Sun, 31.07.2022

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau. The Artwork as a Living System

The interactive installations in the exhibition tell the story of almost 30 years of artistic work by the Austrian-French artist duo Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau.


Reopening on 22.07.2022

zkm_gameplay. the next level

The computer game platform of ZKM. It invites visitors to engage in informative and creative exchange – and, of course, to play games. The exhibition is aimed at gamers of all ages, but also at visitors who have little experience with computer games.


Wed, 13.04.2022 – Sun, 28.08.2022

Quadrature in collaboration with Christian Losert, Fantasie#4, 2021

The audiovisual installation shows how artificial intelligence, trained to communicate with humans, searches for patterns and rhythms in data from outer space. Detached from its creator, it constantly creates new fantastic variations.

Listen to an endless concert of extraterrestrial and artificial sounds.


Thu, 05.05.2022 – Sun, 12.06.2022


Bats`n`Insects is a site-specific immersive installation for the glass front of the ZKM Music Balcony.


Exhibitions // ZKM Digital

Digital exhibitions are a special research focus of ZKM, so we also offer you interesting exhibitions online.

bMEDIA - Virtual Exhibition of »BioMedia« 

bMEDIA is a digital platform and part of the exhibition »BioMedia. The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior«.


Critical Zones – Virtual Exhibition

Take a moment to just be. Welcome to the Critical Zone.
The virtual platform of the exhibition.


Thu, 29.04.2021 – Wed, 30.08.2023

Spatial Affairs. Worlding

Virtual multi-user exhibition populated by crawling artworks, where visitors' avatars coexist with moving bodies of internet art and browser-based projects.


Thu, 04.11.2021 – Sat, 30.09.2023

Jazmina Figueroa. Call Signs


Exhibitions // ZKM Worldwide

Wed, 10.11.2021 – Sun, 16.01.2022

Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter.

Past exhibitions are re-imagined as digital experiences at Tallinn Art Hall.


Fri, 01.04.2022 – Sun, 31.07.2022


The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior

EnBW hosts ZKM exhibit


Fri, 13.05.2022 – Fri, 08.07.2022

BioMedia. L’ère des médias semblables à la vie

An exhibition organized by the ZKM in collaboration with the Centre des Arts Enghien-les-Bains.


Exhibitions // Preview

Sat, 09.07.2022 – Sun, 30.10.2022

John Sanborn. Between Order and Entropy. Works 1978–2022


Sat, 10.09.2022 – Sun, 05.02.2023

Soun-Gui Kim: Lazy Clouds


Starting October 28, 2022

The Kunsthalle – hosted by the ZKM


Sat, 26.11.2022 – Sun, 23.04.2023

Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter.


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