Film Seed Festival 2022, in progress

You can see a wide meadow on which a project was built. This stands on 3 supports and carries a box that is labeled with Film Seed. A woman hooks the field next to it.
Film Seed Festival 2022, in progress
Size / Duration
Fr, 18.11.2022 - So, 18.12.2022

Hypercomf is an artist duo living and working on Tinos island, Greece. They specialise in interdisciplinary collaborations between art, science, design and technology, and explore themes of interaction between nature, culture and communities with a focus on developing waste and energy management and circular tactics as part of the artwork production process. Recently completed projects include the design of Benthic Terrazzo, a series of floor tiles replacing part of the sand and concrete traditionally used in the flooring process with marine plastic debris collected from Greek island shorelines; Biosentinel, a transportable community solar cooker; Neighborhood Brew, a wild yeast soda made from plants collected from downtown Athens city; and Anthemis, a citizen-built archive of flora biodiversity on Syros island, exploring circular uses of fabric and clothing waste.

Film Seed Festival is a farmer-grown, crop-powered, nomadic film festival, set up in different agricultural locations throughout the island ofTinos each year.The festival preparations begin with the cultivation of any of a wide choice of edible, oil-producing crops depending on the location’s climate and soil parameters. After harvest, part of the produced crop is processed to extract its oil content and follows a transesterification process, which turns it into biodiesel to power the festival with electricity. The rest of the produced crop is cooked to provide the festival’s audience with free cinema snacks. Each farmer is provided with a toolkit of Smart Agriculture technology, including soil and weather sensors to aid in the production of optimum crop yield, as well as a generator, film projector, projection screen and guidance for organising a film festival and the conversion of plant oil to biodiesel.The festival is set up in the same field that was previously cultivated to provide the different types of energy to power it. It showcases films picked by a jury from the local community.The 2022 edition of Film Seed Festival was powered by peanuts and takes place in “Livadi” onTinos island, Greece.

Film Seed Festival was co-commissioned by Onassis Stegi in the framework of the Smart Agriculture, a S+T+ARTS residency in collaboration with AGENSO- Agricultural and Environmental Solutions, and with the support of act4energy- Democritus University of Thace Spin-off. Project coordinator: Eleni Michaelidi. In collaboration with Vasileios Diamantis, Environmental Engineer and Professor at the Democritus University of Xanthi, and the Komi village farming community.

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