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In her book »Grapefruit«, published in 1964, Yoko Ono reflects on seeing a grapefruit as a mixture of lemon and orange. She used this thought as a metaphor for her own identity: being in between. The creators of the fanzine took up this idea and were inspired to use it as their very own title.

grapefruits is a fanzine about female composers and sound artists currently compiled and produced by Nathalie Brum, Elisa Kühnl, Elisa Metz and Theresa Nink. It was created in 2019 at the Institute for Music and Media at the RSH Düsseldorf as part of the master's course Sound and Reality, directed by Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling and Prof. Dr. Swantje Lichtenstein.

The fanzine has been published twice a year since the first issue was printed in summer 2019. The authors vary from issue to issue and select the artists they interview and write about according to personal interest. All authors ensure that they cover various genres in the art and pop context as well as a broad international spectrum, including both contemporary women artists and early pioneers. For each issue, the authors define a theme that links the different characters and at the same time emphasizes the different understanding that each of them has of the subject matter.

In collaboration with grapefruits, FEMINALE OF MUSIC selected three female composers for the program. The fanzine collective proposed to invite Lea Bertucci, Tomoko Sauvage and Jiyun Park. In addition to the presentation of these three female composers through article pages, three special events took place: an interview with Tomoko Sauvage, an interview with the authors of grapefruits and a live studio concert with Jiyun Park.


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Mo, 06.04.2020 – Fri, 01.05.2020

The ZKM honors female composers with a four-week digital festival