Short tours for neurodiverse people in "Renaissance 3.0
You can see a large net of threads in a white room. Several people are standing in this space and touching these threads.
New alliances of art and science
Fri, January 26, 2024 2.15 pm – 2.30 pm CET, Guided Tour

For individuals and families, without registration - limited number of participants!

The 15-minute guided tour through the exhibition »Renaissance 3.0« is for all people who quickly feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure in museum spaces. In a small group and in a short time we give a first insight into the exhibition at the interface of art and science.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can ensure that your visit to the ZKM is a pleasant and enriching experience. We are happy to take your individual needs into consideration during this guided tour.


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Donnerstag 10:00 –13:00 Uhr

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