Daniel Temkin

Internet Directory

A white screen with beamer, on the screen there are different IP addresses.
Daniel Temkin
Internet Directory
Medium / Material / Technic

At the exhibition from September 1, 2018 to June 2, 2019

»Internet Directory« is a list of every .COM domain, each shown in phonebook style with its IPv4 address. The videos on display are excerpts from the project, showing all the domains that start with a certain set of characters, such as »altered.« This includes active websites, abandoned personal projects, aspiring Internet businesses that never materialized, and combinations of words that domain squatters saw commercial value in, however fleeting. Collectively, they explore the language of the Internet and the exhaustive quality of Internet naming. The »Internet Directory« contains 115 million .COM domains – all which existed when the project began in early 2014. It also exists as a loose-leaf physical book of over 37,000 poster-size pages. Live readings of the project have taken place at Pioneer Works in New York, the Radical Networks conference in Berlin, and the Museu do Chiado in Lisbon, among others.