Lugh O’Neill

KARST 2022, in progress

You can see a large dark columned room with a single guitarist standing and playing his guitar.
Lugh O’Neill
KARST 2022, in progress
Size / Duration
Fr, 18.11.2022 - So, 18.12.2022

Lugh O’Neill is a composer and spatial sound designer, whose work navigates an eerie and evocative space formed by the overlap between the recognisable and tangible and the aseptic sterility of the digital. Continuously and progressively challenging this separation, he has focused on emphasising the potential of spatialisation in sound and music, utilising space as another dimension in which sound and music composition are written. He is co-founder of C.A.N.V.A.S., a record label and events series.

KARST is a spatial sound composition exploring the cultural engagement with, and the inhabiting of acoustic spaces. Designed in collaboration with performing artists, the artist presents a durational and spatial installation, that builds a narrati- ve around a selection of field recordings. Various natural and underground acous- tic spaces were selected for their acoustic qualities and cultural significance, and the composition was recorded and performed on location. The initiative of KARST was to assess and access the origins, and perhaps birth, of arts and rituals in na- turally acoustic, underground spaces, with the aim to contextualise contemporary architectural spaces reserved for those activities in comparison. Considering the significance that the acoustics of caves had on singing, but also the media art aspect of the likely practices of singing combined with flickering wall paintings in the movement of fire light, natural caves seem like a pertinent vantage point from which to reflect on the significance of acoustic space for artistic creation.The crea- tion of this work was also informed by various cultural uses of sound, spoken or musical, as a means to inhabit and contextualise specific environments.

KARST was developed in the context of For a More Harmonious City, a S+T+ARTS residency hosted by Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and launched together with Sonar Festival and the Polytechnic University of Barcelona in 2022. The residency aimed at highlighting the importance of sound for understanding and improving urban dynamics and environments, using it as a rich and useful data source to understand city infrastructures, services and networks. The composition features Leisha Thomas and vocal performances by Marie Requa Gailey and Dylan Kerr. Camera: Paul D’Eath. Colour Grading: Talin Seigmann. Production assistance: Claudia P.M. Santibáñez. Special thanks: Jennie Browne, Doolin Cave, Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, Arts council of Ireland.

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