Kopf Über 2015/2016

In its work with young people, »Kopf Über 2015/2016« focused on widely popular computer games, which have been a fixed component of the exhibition program since the beginning of the ZKM in their artistic and critical form and design. Together with a group of young people from the Kinder- und Jugendhaus Oststadt, a game was specifically designed, the content of which is based on the ZKM, its building, people and themes. This content is discovered and recorded by participants on tours of discovery through the ZKM. It is then expressed in the language of young people through the game together with individual components. Programming techniques, design principles, photography and video played essential roles here.

»WTF – Wilfriede To Freedom« is a jump and run game in and about the ZKM. Wilfriede, a visitor of the museum in the shape of a ball, has to compete within five levels against aliens, which have stolen all the colors of the ZKM and himself.

Only by defeating the aliens and the bigboss, the final enemy, the player will be able to regain the colors for Wilfriede and the ZKM.
The final presentation of the game took place on April 3, 2016 in the ZKM. Guests, partners of the project and the participants themselves had the opportunity to test the game extensively for the first time on this occasion. Who didn't get the chance to try it then, may catch up on that at the exhibition ZKM_Gameplay, where the game received its own spot.

Project partners