A large colorful panel of pictograms and letters.


»The Wishful Matrix«

Glimpses of the Current Installation at the ZKM_Foyer

The large-format installation currently on show at the ZKM_Foyer is the result of Boris Petrovsky’s artistic work: the Wishful Matrix. The interactive matrix, on the wall above the museum shop, is 20x6 meter in size, and comprised of over 500 neon advertising letters.


»The Wishful Matrix (You&Me-isms Part 2)« is the second interactive installation realized by the artist Boris Petrovsky for the ZKM. The artist collected the letters on the wall over many years; they are recombined and fitted out with light emitting diodes. Visitors may enter text messages via the input station. The »Wünschelmatrix« then allows for the single letters to light up sequentially like an illuminated typewriter.

The messages may be messages, news, short prose works, aphorisms, wishes or questions. At the same time, the illuminated typewriter communicates by itself: it is capable of learning from messages communicated to it, and to answer these. For visitors, the matrix thus becomes a »billboard« for playable communication or information sculpture.

The exhibition is a coproduction of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the Galerie ABTART Stuttgart.

About the artist

Boris Petrovsky is a fine artist and media artist from Constance. His works focusses on the connections between sign, object and language in a mediatized world.

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