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In memory of Joachim Sauter

The ZKM mourns the loss of a pioneer of new media and an artist of unforgettable kinetic sculptures.

As a media artist and designer, Joachim Sauter inspired people with his innovative approach to digital technologies and was regarded as an ambassador for new media.



Since 1980, Joachim Sauter impressed with his forward-looking ideas on the use of digital technologies. On July 11, 2021, the esteemed visionary and media artist passed away at the age of only 62.

Exhibited many times, he inspired with his experimental approach to digital technologies and their use as a tool and medium. As co-founder of today's »Art+Com Studios«, he showed how new technologies can be used as a means of artistic expression for the interactive communication of complex content and how new spaces and installations can be created with new media. Pushing boundaries and creating something new have always been the basic principles of his work and that of his team. Joachim Sauter's kinetic sculptures, which give spaces a special kind of identity, remain unforgotten.

His work not only inspired his colleagues, but also influenced his students at the University of the Arts in Berlin and UCLA in Los Angeles, who will carry on his knowledge.

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