Masterclass at ZKM 2020/2021

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Analog and digital: The scholarship »Masterclass at ZKM« enables an intensive experience of space- and time-based arts!

The scholarship recipients of the seventh »MASTERCLASS« are: Celina Stieber, Hazel Althen, Jannis Prox, Jasmin Schaller, Hazel Althen, Mehdi Attar and Laura Karle.

The scholarship recipients are talented media and artistically talented students from various Karlsruhe schools and between 15 and 19 years old. In the coming months, they will receive a comprehensive range of workshops in the areas of work conception, video and sound art, and photography in order to further develop their own artistic ideas and visions. They will be accompanied by professional artists and a mentoring program that will help them to create a major artistic work for the final exhibition. 

Project Management
Janine Burger and Sabine Faller