A short Introduction into the ZKM | Museum for Contemporary Art


Since December 1999, the Museum of Contemporary Art has been housed in atrium 1 and 2 of the former munitions factory, where there are more then 7,000 square metres of exhibition space. On display are works from the private collections of FER, Grässlin, Siegfried Weishaupt, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, VAF-Stiftung/ MART, as well as of the Collection Boros, along with exhibits from the ZKM_Collection. Pioneering works of European and American art provide an insight into the development of art from 1960 to the present day. The special exhibitions related to the specific collections address aspects of contemporary art and take up media development issues that are of social relevance. They alternate on the ground floor with exhibitions staged by the ZKM. Since 1999 there have been overview displays of the video culture of the 1990s as well as of works by Bruce Naumann, Bill Viola, Sigmar Polke, Franz West, Sylvie Fleury, Martin Kippenberger, Tobias Rehberger, minimal art, obsessive art and from the Boros Collection. The exhibitions are accompanied by catalogues that frequently take the form of art books, as was the case with Franz West or Sylvie Fleury.