ALEPH Gitarrenquartett: ALEPH Guitar Quartet (2022)


The ALEPH Guitar Quartet performs three pieces and surprises the online audience with a very special musical experience.


A binaurally miked guest sits acoustically ideally positioned to the musicians of the ALEPH Guitar Quartet. The microphones are located in the ears of one of the concert attendees. The individual anatomy determines what digital recipients will hear.

Technically, the process is similar to recording with an artificial head. This is characterized by a precise spatial directional mapping. In contrast to the standardized auricles of the artificial head, however, in this case the very individual ear characteristics of the guest become important. This becomes particularly evident when listening to the concert by using headphones, which are highly recommended for an optimal listening experience.

Ludger Brümmer also conducts discussions with the composers.


  • Irene Galindo Quero »Ziffer H Hut«, (2011), for 4 guitars, 10’
  • Bernhard Lang »GAME 8-4-4 Loops for ALEPH«, (2020), for 2 guitars, steel guitar, bass guitar and amplification, 10‘
  • Peter Jakober »triften«, (2007), for 4 guitars and electronics

ZKM | Hertz-Labor
Ludger Brümmer (Artistic director)
Dominik Kautz (Production manager)
Sebastian Schottke (Sound director)
Jakob Schreiber (Assistant sound director)
Hans Gass (Light & event technician)

ZKM | Video Studio
Christina Zartmann (Head of ZKM | Video Studio)
Moritz Büchner (Technical director ZKM | Video Studio)
Andy Koch (Scene editor)
Peter Müller & Audric Dette (Camera)

ZKM | Communication & Marketing
Tanja Binder (Head of ZKM | Communication & Marketing)
Samira Kaiser, Ida Kammerer, Svenja Liebig, Anouk Widmann (Homepage & communication)

Organization / Institution

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe


Funded by the Aventis Foundation and the Cultural Office of the City of Karlsruhe