Angelo Vermeulen: Biomodd [ZKM7] (2015)

GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution – Artist Talks

GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution – Artist Talks
Biomodd, originally conceived of by Belgian biologist and artist Angelo Vermeulen, is a global series of art installations exploring new relationships between computers, biology, and people. In each Biomodd installation, e-waste is transformed into a functioning computer network with a living ecosystem inside. The heat generated by the computer electronics is used to create ideal growing conditions for plants and other organisms. Algae and aquaponics are used to cool computer processors so they can run faster. In later versions of the installation, sensors and robotics allow for more elaborate interactions between computers and biology. Biomodd is a community art project that is recreated in
each new location where it takes root. Team members typically include artists, craftspeople, computer scientists, game designers, hackers, biologists, gardeners, and community organizers. The creation of the Biomodd [ZKM7] installation will take place in the form of an open workshop in the museum space during the first two weeks of the exhibition. Biomodd creates immersive art installations. It opens a science-fictional world in which biology and technology integrate into a fully functioning hybrid machine. Through the grass-roots approach and the collaboration of a culturally diverse team, Biomodd translates the imagination, vision, and artistry of a larger community. In this way the installation does not simply propose an aesthetic immersive experience but also a vision of a co-created future.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Jonas Pickel, Rabea Rahmig
Editing: Jonas Pickel