Antoni Muntadas: Formats, Strategies, Interpretations and Translations


Antoni Muntadas began his talk by observing that we should destroy more artworks. Not every artwork deserved to be maintained and some artworks, such as performances, do not have to be reproduced – it is enough that they are documented. Among numerous examples, he pointed to his work »Between the Frames« (1983-1993) – it was only the concept of this artwork that he gave to various curators to re-interpret. Only software was actually handed over; any remaining elements of an installation were manufactured or constructed on the spot. In each individual exhibition of the work, the artwork looked completely different, just as he, the artist, had intended. Ultimately, only the artist’s concept remains. Antoni Muntadas was born in Barcelona in 1942 and has lived in New York since 1971. His work addresses social, political and communication issues, the relationship between public and private space within social frameworks, as well as channels of information and the ways they may be used to censor central information or promulgate ideas. He works on projects in different media such as photography, video, publications, Internet and multi-media installations.