Assembly Towards Permacircular Museums: (Un)closing Remarks


The cultural sector is giving more and more space to ecological as well as postcolonial discourses, but at the same time is itself caught up in capitalist entanglements. How can its institutions make the radical shift towards a permacircular future? Over four days, the event brings together keynote addresses, case studies, roundtables, professional workshops, and artist performances to discuss the future of art institutions, share experiences, and explore alliances with radical and grassroots movements. The conference is initiated in the framework of the project »Notes towards a Permacircular Museum« by Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro for the exhibition »Critical Zones«. Following an exercise in mapping the show’s environmental footprint and a collective effort to restore an abandoned fruit orchard near ZKM, the project explores the possibility of expanding museum maintenance practices to more-than-human solidarity and sheltering. Fri, 7.30 pm–8.15 pm: (Un)Closing remarks Prospects for permacircular museums with »Sonosfera«, a piece by Jorge Bejarano Barco


ZKM | Videostudio

Live-Editing: Peter Müller
Streaming: Andy Koch