08.02.2020 to 17.05.2020

»« presents more than 60 Bauhaus films. A number of the films were considered lost or had not been shown in their original form. For the exhibition, many of the works have been newly digitized and restored and can be seen for the first time at their original screening speed and with the correct color and sound.

The exhibition, curated by Markus Heltschl, Thomas Tode and Peter Weibel, takes up the idea of the »Totaltheater« [total theater], which  Bauhaus director Walter Gropius designed in 1926/1927 for Erwin  Piscator to »set the space under film«. The show highlights the important role of Bauhaus women who made films without being credited, such as Ellen Auerbach (née Rosenberg), Ella Bergmann-Michel and Lore Leudesorff.