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»Combatting Covid-19 with the help of algorithms?«

»Combatting Covid-19 with the help of algorithms?«
»Combatting Covid-19 with the help of algorithms?«

Using algorithms to successfully combat covid-19? Tracking apps and the perception of AI. As part of the Digiloglounge discussion series, Ekaterina Jussupow and Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl talk with Sabine Faller about what such algorithms can or cannot actually do.

In Germany, the use of tracking apps is currently being discussed in order to better track the course of the COVID-19 disease and to prevent infections. In other countries, however, more drastic measures have already been taken. China and Russia, for example, are making use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide real-time information against violations of quarantine measures. The algorithms use neural networks to recognize faces and then match them with a known database (such as passport photos of quarantined citizens). Chinese companies have already developed such algorithms to the point where they are able to recognize people wearing face masks. However, little is known about the accuracy of such algorithms used against COVID-19.

However, AI algorithms are not only used to fight COVID-19, but also in crime fighting in general, but also in companies or to support medical decisions. Our research is about the perception of AI algorithms and how they influence our decisions. In this live chat we will talk about what such algorithms are and can or cannot do, where ethical issues lie (especially in times of COVID-19) and how we can make decisions together with such algorithms.

The event is part of the #digiloglounge discussion series. Once a month, experts from digilog@bw will give an insight into their digital research topics and answer questions in the video livestream!