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»Measures to become aware of Phishing messages«

»Measures to become aware of Phishing messages«
»Measures to become aware of Phishing messages«

As part of the #digiloglounge discussion series, economist Melanie Volkamer talks to Sabine Faller about raising awareness of fake content and other fraudulent pitfalls on the net.

In order to gain access to confidential data and content or in order to smuggle malicious programs into foreign systems, cybercriminals resort to the old method of forgery and fraud, known in the digital world as »phishing«.

Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer is Professor for Security Engineering and head of the research group Security, Usability, Society (SECUSO) at the Institute of Economics and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). She supports companies in sensitizing themselves to phishing content in order to avoid falling for fake and dangerous messages and thus to avoid the damage that comes with them.

The event is part of the #digiloglounge discussion series. Once a month, experts from digilog@bw will give an insight into their digital research topics and answer questions in the video livestream!