Digital Opening »BioMedia«

The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior

The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior
The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior

An virtual BioMedium opens an exhibition and a self-playing piano receives its melody from space – the age of BioMedia is here!

For centuries, humans have attempted to create machines that simulate life. Today, the idea of media simulating life is more realistic than ever before: we are entering the »Age of Media with Life-like Behavior« – the age of BioMedia!

BioMedia – or bio-mimetic media – exhibit life-mimicking characteristics, such as independent movement, adaptation and reaction to their environment. Just like a living organism. Beginning with the simulation of motion and progressing to kinetic art and cybernetic theory, the simulation of life and life systems through artificial intelligence and generative technologies have led 21st century humanity to reckon with machines on an existential level.

What will the coexistence of humans and artificial agents look like? And who or what defines what is alive and what is intelligent today, now that intelligence and empathy are no longer the exclusive preserve of humans?


Welcome speech by a BioMedium

»Fantasie#4«, an audiovisual performance for space data and AI, by Quadrature in collaboration with Christian Losert; duration: 15 minutes

Live tour through the exhibition (including interviews with artists)



ZKM | Videostudio:
Moritz Büchner, Audric Dette, Andy Koch, Xenia Leidig, Peter Müller,
Johanna Ott, Christina Zartmann

Sarah Donderer, Alexandra Hermann, Daria Mille, Paul Schaffer,
Peter Weibel, Beatrice Zaidenberg

Produktion | Production: Quadrature und | and Christian Losert
Stimme | Voice: Overdub (Descript)


Quadrature und Christian Losert


ZKM | Event: Viola Gaiser, Wolfgang Knapp, Manuel Weber, Desiree Weiler

Sound: Benjamin Miller

Führung | Guided Tour: Barbara Zoé Kiolbassa

EDV: Uwe Faber, Gisbert Laaber, Martin Stepke    

Graphic Design: The Rodina

Dank an | Thanks to: Yannick Hofmann, Noel Haufs, Daria Shypitsyna