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Driving the Human Festival

Driving the Human Festival
Driving the Human Festival

Can A.I. help to built up a more Sustainable and Collective Future?

Artificial intelligence is already used to structure all areas of human life. In this data-based reality, human decisions have become data sets that build the infrastructures of our societies. Due to the influence of technology giants on politics and science, research that acts independently of economic interests has become almost impossible. In a web-based environment, passive consumption and active engagement are being stimulated permanently, whereby the border between free choice and imposed consumerism disappears. Can we find a way to engage critically with the use of AI? Could AI become a tool to build a more sustainable and collective future? This section explores critical engagements with AI and probes boundaries and alternative uses, investigating ethical limits and strategies for activism.


This festival was organized by the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Concept & Idea
Jan Boelen & Peter Weibel mit Sarah Donderer & Teresa Retzer

Sarah Donderer, Laura Morcillo (HfG Filmcrew), Teresa Retzer, Vera Sacchetti, Philipp Ziegler

Project Assistance
Annina Guntli, Laura C. Schmidt

Barbara Kiolbassa, Julien McHardy

Moderation Panel Discussions
Ariana Dongus, Sabine Faller, Anett Holzheid, Michael Käthler, Lena Reitschuster, Vera Sacchetti

Technical Management & Direction
Moritz Büchner

Camera & Editing
Johannes Bauer, Benjamin Breitkopf, Moritz Büchner, Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun, Pauline Cemeris, Jule Heinzmann, Alejandra Miranda Janus, Andy Koch, Xenia Leidig, Peter Müller, Olga Öhler, Sophie Reißfelder, Quirin Thalhammer, Victor van Wetten, Christina Zartmann

Driving the Human Visual Identity
Atelier Yukiko, Berlin

Graphical Design
Felix Plachtzik

Communication & Social Media
Lena Becker, Luisa Cossu, Sarah Donderer, Alexandra Hermann, Juliane Hohlbaum, Sabine Jäger, Nikola Joetze, Greta Kallsen, Jessica Menger, Beate Münzenmaier, Teresa Retzer, Inês Revés, Vera Sacchetti, Laura C. Schmidt, Lena Schneider, Dominika Szope, Johannes Wiesel

Clara Runge

Uli Deck, Felix Grünschloß

Yannick Schütte

Sotirios Noutsos

Special Thanks to
Nikola Joetze, Anna Maganuco, Freo Majer, Daria Mille, Martina Schraudner, Jan Speckenbach, Desiree Weiler