GLOBALE: Karlsruhe Maptory

Now available at the Apple App Store!

Now available at the Apple App Store!
21.06.2015 to 17.04.2016
By way of Augmented Reality (AR), the App »Karlsruhe Maptory« makes it possible to experience the forward-looking achievements of Karlsruhe personalities in 20th and 21st science and art. At various locations throughout the city performatively staged stories or musical events that overlap with reality are presented to viewers via mobile devices.

Through the camera image the viewer sees a location or a dialog between persons, the images on the Smartphone of which are produced according to viewer position. Thus, outstanding figures in Karlsruhe’s history of key significance for the natural sciences and humanities are made visible to the public at select locations. Examples of the above include Carl Einstein, the Jewish-German poet and art theorist, along with key German-speaking theorists of Cubism, Ferdinand Braun, who developed the so-called Braun Tube, or Karl Steinbuch, a cyberneticist and visionary in the field of computer science.