GLOBALE: The Future is Here

31.10.2015 to 28.02.2016
The module »The Future is Here« in the exhibition »Exo-Evolution« deals with the scientific fields of molecular biology and nanoscience, as well as the phenomenon of dark matter. Installations by Bernd Lintermann and nanoscientist Ljiljana Fruk make these phenomena, which generally elude the human eye, accessible to the general public. One part of her exhibit presents the universe as a vision of the invisible, and a tribute to the Big Bang and the unknown. At the same time, retroreflective film serves as a model for a reflection on dark matter, one of the greatest mysteries of astrophysics.

Invisibility, also a topic in the field of nanoscience, is addressed in the exhibition through laboratory samples. A DNA synthesizer provides another thematic focal point of the module. DNA is one of the fundamental building blocks of nature, but can also be synthetically produced and transformed. The DNA synthesizer represents the development of chemistry and molecular biology in recent decades, but it also represents potential knowledge and the human influence on nature. In an installation by Ljiljana Fruk and Bernd Lintermann, the 23 most important molecules are made visible interactively.