#hertzlab: Live Coding – Programming on-the-fly


The fourth episode of #hertzlab is all about the emerging artistic practice of live coding.

In live coding, the composition process is brought to the stage. The algorithms are written and performed live and with frequent improvisation in the form of programming source texts. Live coders enter into a dialogue with the audience and also with the process that is underway. Live coding should be understood not as a musical genre, but rather as a musical performance practice. The programmers determine the musical result, which can touch on every possible genre.

Yannick Hofmann (ZKM | Hertz-Lab) will talk about live coding with two guests from the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology (IMWI) at the Karlsruhe University of Music: Patrick Borgeat – live coding expert and artistic-scientific staff at IMWI – and Jia Liu – composer, live coder and master student in the field of »Music Informatics«.

The event will was held in English.