IMA | lab No. 29: Gabriel Weber

Mobile Atmosphere – You´ll Never Work Alone

Mobile Atmosphere – You´ll Never Work Alone
Mobile Atmosphere – You´ll Never Work Alone

The presentation of Prof. Dipl. Designer Gabriel Weber is about his research project at the ZKM | Music and Acoustics Institute on individual sound codes for supporting mental wellbeing in mobile working structures of the digital working world and the development of a sound tool for auditive mobile atmosphere.

Due to the digital revolution of the working world, the familiar personal, permanently established office workstation is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Due to digital networks and cloud-based systems, data is accessible as good as at any time and in any place on earth, which, on the one hand, leads to undreamed-of flexibility and freedom in the selection of the place of work, but on the other hand can also mean increasing delocalization and alienation from one’s own workplace and company. The feeling of having been »left alone« that develops from this can – according to the research project’s hypothesis – be counteracted by means of a personal, auditive atmosphere created at the workplace using correspondingly coded sounds. In this way, a positive mental develops at the individual place of work.

The presentation provides insight into the research project, which Gabriel Weber began last year at the ZKM | Music and Acoustics Institute, and shows examples from the current project work.

Video documentary:

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Camera: Frenz Jordt, Bastian Buchgraber
Editing: Bastian Buchgraber