Interview with Pips:lab

Interview with Pips:lab
Luma2solator, an interactive installation that uses the lumasol light drawing. This installation allows the audience to draw with light, creating pictures themselves with a simple to operate tool, and using custom made light drawing tools we have created from years of light drawing experience. The audience is encouraged to be free and create whatever pictures they want. The Luma2solator also displays a variety of images that others have already created to inspire the users with the ideas of others. All the images that the audience create are automatically uploaded to the Lumasol website we created (of course these images can be linked to each persons Facebook or other social networking sites, and we have for smaller installations had the images automatically print for the audience). This installation can also be outside (at night) and the pictures the audience create can be projected onto buildings or any appropriate screen live.

The Interview was recorded 2005 at the exhibition Art of Light. Artificial Light.