Mapping Spaces: Presentation of the publication project and panel discussion with the editors and authors

Panel discussion

The ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art is currently presenting the exhibition"Mapping Spaces" which examines − for the first time − the interdisciplinary exchange of information between technology, science and art for the painting of the early modern period. In fall 2014, a comprehensive publication that is generously funded by the 22nd European Culture Days will be published. It illuminates for the first time the interdisciplinary exchange of technology, science and art for the painting of the early modern period. The presentation provides an exclusive opportunity to gain an insight into the diversity of contributions from different disciplines even before publication of the book.

The presentation is followed by a panel discussion with the curator, the editors and selected authors of the publication.


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gehring, University of Trier and Curator of the exhibition
Prof. Dr. Jacques Picard, University of Basel, Cultural scientist and ethnologist
Prof. Dr. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis, University of Twente, Department of Science, Technology and Political Science
Moderation: Andreas Beitin, Head of the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

Information about the publication
Ulrike Gehring, Peter Weibel (Ed.): "Mapping Spaces. Networks of Knowledge in 17th Century Landscape Painting", Hirmer Verlag 2014
The book is published in the context of the exhibition at the ZKM | Karlsruhe
About 500 pages, about 350 color illustrations
Prize: 49,90 €
With contributions by:
D. Aten, A. Beitin, P. Biesboer, A. Christoph, T. Cocquyt, H. J. Cook, K. Davids, F. J. Dijksterhuis, W. Dolz, I. E. Elmqvist Söderlund, T. Filk, J. Gaschke, K. Gaulke, U. Gehring, J. Goudeau, T. Huisman, W. Kalina, L. Kelchtermans, F. Lammertse, B. Marten, M. North, F. Ossing, W. Otterspeer, M. Pfaffenbichler, J. Picard, W. Pircher, J. C. van Putten, J. Rohls, A. Schlechter, H.-U. Seifert, L. Semmerling, M. Valleriani, W. Velminski, A. Vergara, R. Vermij, H.-J. Vollrath, P. Weibel, P. Ziegler. 

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Fabian Selbach, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Martina Rotzal