#meetdigilog | Maria Pawelec: From Politics to Pornography

Dangers (and Opportunities) of Deepfakes

Dangers (and Opportunities) of Deepfakes
Dangers (and Opportunities) of Deepfakes

Take a look behind the scenes of science with our expert Maria Pawelec from the University of Tübingen!

How great is the danger posed by deepfakes? Are there also opportunities? And where do we encounter deepfakes in everyday life? Open the »black box« of science with us and explore the question of what impact deepfakes have on our lives!

As a new form of fake news and disinformation, deepfakes can undermine democratic elections, discredit political opponents or even trigger conflicts within and between states. At the same time, deepfakes can also be used for satire and parody, political campaigns, art and activism to strengthen democratic debate and decision-making. 

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