Mischa Kuball: Platon’s Mirror. Interview mit Mischa Kuball

13.02.2011 to 03.04.2011

In platon’s mirror [Plato’s Mirror], Mischa Kuball plumbs the contemporary relevance for artistic practice of Plato’s simile of the cave. The political relevance of the simile – for which Peter Weibel coined the term «Light politics« – that had came to expression by way of its being incorporated in the 7th book of the Politeia as early as in classical antiquity, is to be found in the questioning of specific dependencies in participation, knowledge and the mediation of knowledge. Furthermore, the spatial designs with multiply reflecting objects challenge one to become aware of one’s own position. A good example of the human being’s changing relationship to things as a result of newly developed technologies, are the exhibited computer tomographics. The procedure of generated images of an invisible space which medical practice calls an artefact, and which, in a museum setting, would be presented as a serial work of art.