Nandita Kumar: eLEmeNT: EaRTh (2014), pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE (2013)

GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution – Artist Talks

GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution – Artist Talks
Nandita Kumar’s works take the form of interactive biospheres which demonstrate the
organic integration of nature and technology. Inspired by biomimicry, both dioramas imagine a future in which nature and technology are in sync.
eLEmeNT: EaRTh uses functional and non-functional transparent PCB boards to produce sounds of the Earth which respond to light and movement. When touched, it produces man-made sounds which represent our carbon imprint on the diorama of the Earth. The eco-system contained within the bottle is primarily powered by a tree constructed of solar cells.
pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE uses video to examine two days in diametrically opposite urban landscapes. Inside the bottle, nature-based time-lapse video footage plays until it is disrupted by movement, representing the impact of unplanned urbanization. The installation aims to spark a dialogue on the issue of sustainable human ecology.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Rabea Rahmig, Jonas Pickel
Editing: Jonas Pickel