Nanni Balestrini: For anyone reading ths there is nothing left to fear

Within the series of »Poetic Expansions«

Within the series of »Poetic Expansions«
01.04.2017 to 02.07.2017

Since the 1950s, Nanni Balestrini (born 1935, Milan) has been one of the most important figures of Italian culture: as a poet, novelist, publishing editor and visual artist. For the first time, Balestrini, who is especially well-known in Germany as an author of political novels, will have an exhibition dedicated to him at the ZKM, providing an extensive insight into his visual poetic oeuvre. Collages and cut-ups from images, texts and film sequences show a life’s work, which has turned against the «inertia of language« and, therefore, against the stiffness of thought and action.