On the benefits of art - with philosopher and artist Judith Siegmund

ZKM & HfG Talk Series

ZKM & HfG Talk Series
ZKM & HfG Talk Series

Hosts: Constanze Fischbeck (HfG) and Alistair Hudson (ZKM)

In the joint series of talks between ZKM and HfG, we invite international guests from the fields of philosophy, literature and art to an open exchange with members of the university, ZKM staff and the people of Karlsruhe. To kick things off, Alistair Hudson and Constanze Fischbeck will be talking with the philosopher and artist Judith Siegmund.

Judith Siegmund is a professor of philosophical aesthetics at the Zurich University of the Arts. In her book »Zweck und Zweckfreiheit« (2019), she questions the demand for purposelessness in artistic creation that emerged in 20th-century aesthetic theory with reference to Kant. Instead, she starts from the assumption that aesthetic theory must prove adequate to its object.

Video documentary:

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Camera: Andy Koch, Lisa Michel
Editing: Lisa Michel