on-the-fly: Gaia Leandra »Bioxeno«



As part of the European project »on-the-fly«, the ZKM presents an artistic live coding performance by Gaia Leandra.

In live coding, the composition process is brought onto the stage. Algorithms are written and executed live and often improvisationally in the form of source code. Live coding must not be understood as a musical genre, but as a musical performance practice. The musical result is determined by the programmers and can touch on a wide variety of genres.

Gaia Leandra was selected on the occasion of the open call for artistic residencies of the project »on-the-fly«.

During the event, the Italian artist and scientist Gaia Leandra will introduce her artistic project and present a recording of her interactive performance »Bioxeno«. Microscopic organisms and their recorded visual parameters will be made sound in real time by means of live coding.


»Necrobiopsi« is the video presentation of the performance »Bioxeno«, a bioart project exploring different tools, practices, techniques and disciplines to generate new narratives at the interface of science and arts. Why do humans presume to cure a sick earth? Why do they not take into consideration the vision of a planet taking care of us? Only equilibrium makes the survival of humans possible. We humans do not destroy the earth. It is our way of life that generates large quantities of waste changing our planet. The planet mutates. It readapts. From all its cycles. From our cyanobacterial ancestors that generated an atmosphere with oxygen, to a pulmonary asphyxy of the human physiology. We undervalue the invisible micro-world, organisms that surround us, that we are and have in our bodies, and whose balance creates the conditions for our survival. Human health, as that of the entire ecosystem, also resides in this invisible microworld that interpenetrates and maintains us. »Necrobiopsi« is the future without humans where egodriven indulgence has been the cause of its extinction. A narrative where the remains of human cells and their physiology have been phagocytosed from the protoctists. It is the genesis of meta-humans as a form of artificial intelligence, organisms without sex, without dualisms, without dichotomies but as genetic necrophiliacs, terrestrial aliens, walking communities.

The event will be held in English.

The event takes place within the framework of the project »on-the-fly« and is co-financed by the program »Creative Europe« of the European Union.