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Lecture and Workshop with Roberto Fassone

Lecture and Workshop with Roberto Fassone
Roberto Fassone’s software work »sibi« is based on algorithms, and generates directives for the production of works of art. »sibi« is not only a random generator for art production based on a program, but shows specifically playful characteristics. The web-based work explains very clearly in three steps what is to be done in order to produce a work of art. Divided into the categories Medium [M], Aboutness [A] and Title [T], one is given a recipe through the minimal interaction of three commands (in the case of Smartphones and Tablets, by touching the screen), which, in command tones, invites users to maximum participation.

The workshop at ZKM Bämlab startet with a lecture on "How to generate an Artwork".

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Christina Zartmann, Johannes Maag
Editing: Johannes Maag