Radical Software

The Raindance Foundation, Media Ecology and Video Art

The Raindance Foundation, Media Ecology and Video Art
01.07.2017 to 28.01.2018

The exhibition »Radical Software. The Raindance Foundation, for Media Ecology and Video Art« presents video works and installations from the pioneering group of American artists and thinkers of the 1970s who harnessed emergent low cost communication technologies with the purpose of greater ecological uses of the media.

The Raindance Corporation was first founded in 1969 as a media think tank and a group of video makers. It was renamed to the Raindance Foundation in 1971. Raindance challenged the monopoly of the commercial broadcast industry by cultivating artistic uses of video within alternate cultures. In the context of the US-American counterculture of the 1968 movement and inspired by the ideas of Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller and Gregory Bateson, the Raindance members’ works tested the socio-critical, participatory and emancipatory potential of the new affordable medium of video.


ZKM | Videostudio

Camera: Frenz Jordt, Sophia Kessel, Benedict Meyer, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Benedict Meyer, Christina Zartmann
Sound Recording: Anton Kossjanenko
Voice: Frenz Jordt
Music: “future ambient” by cleanmindsounds