Reto Schölly: Neuronal Music


All perception is based on the topology of neuronal swarms. The brain is a swarm of that kind: harmonic aesthetic experiences are based upon the isomorphy of neural structures in the brain, that is topological compatibility between communicators and recipients, while an anisomorphy evokes disharmonic interpretations of aesthetic signals. Based upon the topology of a superstructure similar to the brain, it will be attempted to audially depict the chaotic trajectory which is called thinking, and make the harmonics of a thought hearable to the naked eye. The holy harmonies, the music invoked by the mythical muses, present themselves as a mathematical set of signs and are spawned by mechanical vibrations: as melodies. Reto Schölly is a Swiss artist. He studied cybernetics and business administration in Stuttgart and worked initially as an author of technical books, programmer, and project manager. After small projects in painting, street theater, and music he is now preparing a dissertation on the subject of cybernetic reflexivity between humans, technology, art, and mysticism. In 2010, he participated in Bazon Brock’s lecture series “Pythagoras in Delphi” at the German Historical Museum Berlin and at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. His exhibitions include MATGX_BLAU at the Contemporary Art Ruhr, in the Arttower Berlin, an exhibition of 33 matrix graphics at the A+K Freiburg, and “Poetry of Mathematics” at the Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Denzlingen. He is the author of the book Linuxprogrammierung mit C++, published in 2001 by Data Becker.