SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2020 | from 05.08.2020

Digital Edition

Digital Edition
Digital Edition

The SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe will take place once again this year. However they will appear in a totally different format, compared to the past five years: The shut down of the physical space becomes the start up of the virtual space: SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2020 - Digital Edition!

The Corona Pandemic shows us how fragile our life on planet Earth is. Reality has suffered a lockdown or an interruption and our lives are experiencing a breakthrough into virtuality. The digital edition of this year's SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE is dedicated to the new Earth policies in a virtual way. A world premiere at the opening show on August 5, 2020 shows: We must change our attitude towards all forms of life. A selection of the best front projections looks back on the departure into new worlds. It is the world's first web projection mapping ever.

A new piece will be played for the virtual opening. The remaining days of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE will show a selection of the best pieces of the past years. You will be able to pilot the productions from your remote observer position. So you are present at the festival, but at the same time at home.