smARTplaces: Tina Sauerländer | Virtual Reality in Art Institutions. Presenting alternate reality media in a physical space

smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture

smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture
smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture
01.03.2018 to 02.03.2018

From March 1st to 2nd, 2018, the conference »smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture« took place at the ZKM | Karlsruhe as part of the EU project »smARTplaces«.

Not only is digitization now in art’s DNA, cultural institutions are beginning to embark on disruptive paths in order to facilitate and support innovative processes. The »smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture« conference analyzes possibilities, and also necessities, of digital renewal within culture and spotlights audience development.

Curator Tina Sauerlaender (peer to space) introduces Virtual Reality as an artistic medium. She speaks about its history, current developments, different technologies as well as their installation in exhibitions. She discusses her role as a curator and mediator between the audience and the artists dealing with alternate reality media. She shares her experiences of organizing and curating VR exhibitions like »The Unframed World« (HeK, Basel), »Uncanny Conditions« (whiteBOX, Munich) and »RESET III and Virtual Reality« (PRISKA PASQUER, Cologne, all 2017).

Tina Sauerländer is a curator and writer based in Berlin. She focuses on the impact of the digital and the internet on individual environments and society. With her exhibition hub »peer to space« she has been organizing and curating international group shows, e.g »The Unframed World. Virtual Reality as Artistic Medium for the 21st Century« at HeK Basel in 2017. She is co-founder of »Radiance«, an international online platform for artistic VR experiences. She is a PhD candidate at The University of Art and Design Linz, and she is a board member of the media arts society in Berlin.

Video documentary:

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Camera: Andy Koch
Live-Editing: Frenz Jordt
Editing: Andy Koch