Strömungen: Martin Rumori

Symposium on artistic sonification

Symposium on artistic sonification
02.12.2016 to 04.12.2016

»Sonification is sound supremacy plus digitisation«

Sonification as a widespread phenomenon emerged not before both various kinds of datasets and suitable technical media for reinterpreting them in the sonic domain became easily accessible. Despite earlier examples of analogue sonification, as a scholarly subject it only appeared in the digital age. A universal representation of data is indeed a technical precondition for sonification, but not necessarily a digital, i.e., discrete and symbolic one. Most likely, beyond technical also cultural circumstances contributed to the emergence of sonification, both in scientific research and in the arts. My presentation will identify a few of them, namely the increased significance of sound and some related media conditions, along with recent novel approaches to data from artistic perspectives.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Frenz Jordt
Editing: Frenz Jordt
Live Editing: Moritz Büchner