Strömungen: Till Bovermann

Symposium on artistic sonification

Symposium on artistic sonification
02.12.2016 to 04.12.2016

»Computation as material in audio livecoding«

Computation is odd. It is one of the strangest things we have discovered and 80 years on we continue to fail to fully grasp its inner workings. And so, we struggle to keep unseen ramifications of our decisions under control. Faced with such strange yet essential beast, the only sane strategy is to try and tame it. 

Betablocker is an artistic contribution to understanding low-level computation intersecting with livecoding practise. It offers strategies for presenting computation as tangible material, e.g., by making process and dynamics as much hearable as the code that describes it.
The talk gives insights into years of artistic research practice covering algorithmic composition, sound generation and autonomous coding in the light of self-manipulating code and artistic research practice.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Frenz Jordt
Editing: Frenz Jordt
Live Editing: Moritz Büchner