Terrestrial University: Adaptation to climate change

Karlsruhe's strategy for hot days

Karlsruhe's strategy for hot days
Karlsruhe's strategy for hot days

Karlsruhe lies in the Upper Rhine Graben in the warmest region of Germany. Here, regional climate changes will lead both to an average temperature increase and to more frequent and stronger heat waves.

In addition, the city center is significantly warmer than the surrounding area of Karlsruhe during the evening and night hours due to the urban heat island. A major challenge for the city administration is therefore to cope with heat events – both as a short-term reaction and as a long-term, forward-looking adaptation.

In the sixth issue of the »Terrestrial University« Dr. Julia Hackenbruch talks about the very local effects of the abstract term »climate change«. What strategies is the city of Karlsruhe developing to deal with climate change?

About the person

Dr. Julia Hackenbruch is a member of the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Department of the City of Karlsruhe and focuses on urban climate and adaptation to climate change. Environmental protection and occupational safety is the city administration's center of expertise for all environmental protection and nature conservation issues.